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AMT Nidhi provides savings account only to its registered members. Therefore, saving account is mandatory for each member. All transaction  within the Nidhi will be routed through the saving account. As per the Nidhi rules, the maximum account balance allowed in Rs. 1,00,000 (One Lakh Rupees).

As per Nidhi rules maximum interest on a saving account can be upto 2% more than the interest rate paid by the nationalized bank. Therefore, as on 23-July-2021 rate of interest given by AMT Nidhi on saving accounts are given in the table below.

  • For senior citizens, the rate of interest on a saving account is 0.25% more than the general rate of interest. Example on basic saving account you will get 3.75% + 0.25 %.
  •  The rate of interest is per annum.
  • Interest on a saving account is calculated daily but interest will get credited quarterly.

Types & Rates of Interest

Account Type Interest Rate Minimum Balance
Basic Saving 3.75% 0
Silver Saving 4% 500
Gold Saving 4.5% 1000
Platinum Saving 5% 2000